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Stacey Marino: Background, Journey, & Starting 201 Nutrition

I am the CEO and founder of 201 Nutrition.

My mission is to inspire, educate, and empower anyone who comes to work with me to reach their goals.

Overcoming my own disordered eating has inspired an extreme passion to help others have healthier relationships with food and their bodies.

Life is so different and beautiful on the other side.

I have many clients from all backgrounds and different goals. Whether it's weight loss, muscle gain, athletic performance, weight maintenance, or just getting healthier.

The common denominator is to not only get you to your goals, but do it in a way where you learn and understand the why's behind the process. Establish a healthy relationship with food and be able to sustain a lifestyle that keeps you healthy, looking, and feeling great.

When you start to understand how to fuel your body for your goals, you get a much deeper appreciation for it. You start to feel empowered and confident, not just because you start feeling healthy and looking amazing, but because you understand the WHY behind all of it.

I don't just give you macros or nutrition plans. I walk you through step by step, educating you on what it is that we're doing.

This is my passion.

My job is to transform lives through nutrition.

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