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Nutrition Coach

Precision Nutrition L1

M2 Practical Nutrition Coaching Certified

M2 Gut Biology Certified

I started nutrition coaching in 2017, with the goal of helping a few friends and family eat better to reach their goals.  I quickly realized this is a huge passion of mine, helping people create habits and change for the better.

I grew up with an eating disorder, but have been able to overcome that through studying and applying proper nutrition, as well as working with a nutrition coach and mentor myself who has changed my life.  

This is my purpose as a coach, to be a role model and mentor to my clients.  Nutrition coaching goes so much deeper than just food.  The goal is to make your a healthier and happier person with a good relationship with food and yourself.

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Nutrition Coach

My sister Stacey (founder of 201Nutrition) saved my health physically and mentally in 2019 when I was 50lbs heavier & had no idea how important nutrition was. My journey quickly became a lifestyle that I started sharing on my food account on instagram (@readyseteattt), and my followers/friends quickly became intrigued. 


I’ve learned that following a nutrition plan and counting macros did not mean I had to eat a bland, BORING, and unsustainable diet (as i tried in previous fad diets influenced by toxic diet culture). I started making lower calorie delicious versions of foods that the diet industry labels as “bad”. I learned that there is no such a thing as good and bad foods- and instead started looking at food as being more or less nutritious. 


I once felt hopeless and didn’t know anything & now I have a passion in educating people that are in the same position I once was in. I’m excited to change peoples lives, lifestyles, confidence, & relationship with food.


M2 Practical Nutrition Coaching Certified  

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