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Nutrition Coach

Precision Nutrition L1

M2 Practical Nutrition Coaching Certified

M2 Gut Biology Certified

I started nutrition coaching in 2017, with the goal of helping a few friends and family eat better to reach their goals.  I quickly realized this is a huge passion of mine, helping people create habits and change for the better.

I grew up with an eating disorder, but have been able to overcome that through studying and applying proper nutrition, as well as working with a nutrition coach and mentor myself who has changed my life.  

This is my purpose as a coach, to be a role model and mentor to my clients.  Nutrition coaching goes so much deeper than just food.  The goal is to make your a healthier and happier person with a good relationship with food and yourself.



Nutrition Coach

Kristen has been working in the fitness industry for the past seven years helping people transform their health by providing them with the tools needed to take their workouts, nutrition, and mindset to the next level.

After enduring a devastating injury to her shoulder ultimately ending her career as a collegiate soccer player, Kristen struggled with her own physical health, weight gain and mental wellness. After years of yoyoing through "fad diets," workout programs and unhealthy caloric restrictions, Kristen decided to pivot her career path into becoming a health and fitness professional so she could not only learn how to achieve her own personal goals, but she could use her story to help others do the same.

Kristen's expertise in cultivating self confidence, creating long-term, sustainable healthy habits as well as developing a positive growth mindset help her deliver a completely unique coaching experience, leaving clients feeling motivated and capable of whatever goals they have set for themselves.

Kristen is a Precision Nutrition Certified Level 1 Coach, Crossfit Level 1 Coach, NASM Certified Personal Trainer and ICF Certified Life Coach.

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Nutrition Coach

My sister Stacey (founder of 201Nutrition) saved my health physically and mentally in 2019 when I was 50lbs heavier & had no idea how important nutrition was. My journey quickly became a lifestyle that I started sharing on my food account on instagram (@readyseteattt), and my followers/friends quickly became intrigued. 


I’ve learned that following a nutrition plan and counting macros did not mean I had to eat a bland, BORING, and unsustainable diet (as i tried in previous fad diets influenced by toxic diet culture). I started making lower calorie delicious versions of foods that the diet industry labels as “bad”. I learned that there is no such a thing as good and bad foods- and instead started looking at food as being more or less nutritious. 


I once felt hopeless and didn’t know anything & now I have a passion in educating people that are in the same position I once was in. I’m excited to change peoples lives, lifestyles, confidence, & relationship with food.


M2 Practical Nutrition Coaching Certified  

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