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"Just don’t ever say you cant.. you absolutely can. Hard work pays off!"

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"I make better choices all around from my diet to how my day runs giving me more energy."

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"If you set a goal and truly want it, nothing should stop you from obtaining it. Also, if you ever need help, which is perfectly fine, there is always someone around willing to help."

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"It was the level up I needed both physically and mentally. In less than a year I managed to transform my body, strengthen my mind, and learn more about what I’m capable of."

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"I did think that because I had an intense workout 4-5 times a week it gave me the ability to eat whatever I wanted.  Well 7 years after seeing a nutritionist, I enlisted Coach Stacey’s help to get back into fighting shape.  With her, in 12 weeks I lost 15 lbs of fat and have since maintained the loss."

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"Coach Stacey worked with me to meet my own personal needs. Whenever I needed support she was there 24/7. When I thought I wasn’t doing well she always helped me to see the best and was my weekly positive motivation. I could have never done this with out her. I learned that food really is fuel for not just the body but the mind too."

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"I feel like I have so much energy at all times.  I’ll come down the stairs and hop over our dog gate from the second step onto the floor. Our backyard is on 2 levels with a rock retaining wall, and I’ll climb or jump up the wall and jump down instead of walking around the wall.  I wonder how long that I’ll be able to do it, because I just feel like a kid.  I just feel like there’s no obstacle that I can’t deal with."

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"If you want to change your lifestyle you have to be ready. Your friends and family can urge you until they’re blue in the face. You’re not going to change unless you want to."

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I"’ve also learned that failing isn’t a bad thing; there’s always another chance, another day to improve. Now that I’ve incorporated the nutrition aspect into my life, I feel even better. I can’t argue with eating MORE and being in better shape!"

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"Then I joined Stacey’s Nutrition System and my body changed. The Nutrition system has completely changed the way I look at food. I have my good days and many bad days but I’m working on the good out weighing the bad. #keepmovingforward"

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"Even without the greatest diet, I was still able to lose a good amount of weight on my own, but I hit a plateau so I worked with Stacey one on one.  She took a much closer look at my calorie intake, as well as my macro split.  Together we found out what achieved the best results and I was able to lean out another 12 pounds. 
I found the science behind it all to be the most fascinating.  I’ve continued eating more home cooked, nutrient dense meals everyday and also began planning them around my training sessions.  I could feel how nutrition had a direct impact on my workouts."

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"I think this program is so smart because you can eat a decent variety of food. I think people are shocked to hear you can eat carbs! I love that is sustainable and didn’t leave me feeling super hungry!"

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"I feel better in everything that I do! I’m eating better, sleeping better, have more energy.  It’s a complete change to my lifestyle as a whole.  I’m in the best shape of my life in my mid-30s which is awesome!"

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"I can’t express enough how eye opening this was for me.  I learned a whole new relationship with food, not one of avoidance but of understanding, viewing it as fuel for training and feeling good overall.  I trusted her completely, when it got hard she told me the things I needed to know, not as an empty pep talk but true information that made me know I was on the right path."

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"Trust the process. I was once over 200 pounds in my second week of my cut barely seeing results thinking- how am I eating this much and how am I supposed to lose weight from this?
Then 6 weeks later I retook my before/after pictures and looked like a completely different person. That really pushed me to keep going and to do another cut.
A big part is realizing that this takes time and its a commitment beyond just counting macros. It truly is a lifestyle change and I cannot thank my sister enough for turning my life around & making me the most confident I’ve been in years.
Another piece of advice is to pay more attention to how you look and feel rather than the number on the scale. I am the same weight I was 5 years ago but i look completely different. I’m no body builder but I have definitely gained a lot of muscle and look way more toned (so you have to remember muscle weighs more than fat).
For a while during my most recent cut, I hit a plateau and got so frustrated but eventually the weight started coming off and I started seeing my body reshaping itself. Even right now during reverse dieting after my cut I am eating more and still losing weight. Its crazy how it works, but please trust the process and give yourself some credit for working so hard. The results will show.
I 100% recommend this nutrition program and not just because Stacey is my sister, the proof is in the pictures."

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"I definitely wanted to look and feel better, but had no expectations on how it would change me physically, especially when Coach Stacey put me on 3000 calories a day.  That frame of mind has and continues to work really well for me and I would recommend anyone starting out to keep that same mentality.
Also, I found the first couple of weeks to be challenging because I was learning how to properly track my macros and trying to figure out a new eating routine that best worked for me.  I think anyone starting out could expect some of those challenges early on, but it does get easier over time and it is well worth it!"

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"The biggest thing that I’ve learned from this and from the past is that consistency is everything.
Was my diet absolutely perfect the entire twelve weeks? Not at all. There were a handful of times throughout the cut where I needed and without a doubt had a “cheat” or “refeed” day/meal. Yeah my weight was up a few pounds the next day but it was just water weight and I knew it would flush out just days later.
I made sure to get right back on track the next day after the cheat/refeed day and it helped me stay consistent throughout the entire cut.
I’ll keep this part short but just know that my alcohol consumption was extremely minimal throughout. Started with “dry January”, had a few margaritas after winning the competition, and I think one other day/night with a beer or glass of wine. Not much of a drinker anymore anyways considering I absolutely destroyed my liver in college, but cutting out alcohol definitely helped speed up the results I was looking for.
Sorry for the long post but I figured I’d share my experience with all of you (especially to those who are currently working with Stacey on nutrition or plan to in the future) since there’s really nothing else to do during this quarantine."

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