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Macros On The Go

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

When you don't have a chance to sit down for a meal, you need a back up plan. Whether you're traveling, not getting a break from work, or staying at a hotel, having some easy and healthy snacks will help keep you fueled up!

Knowing how to order meals out and guesstimating is very helpful too, and I go over it HERE

These are just some ideas you can easily buy at any grocery store or even a gas station when you're on the go. You can also have these on hand, especially if you know you'll be traveling. Preparation is the key to success.


That's usually the hardest macro to fill for a lot of people.

Straight up protein sources (dominantly protein with little to no additional macros):

Either casein or whey protein

Just mix it with water and you have 25 grams of protein.

Egg whites (hard boiled)

Tuna pouches are really convenient too. Add some hot sauce or low fat salad dressing and you have a high protein snack.

Other great sources of protein that also have carbs/ fats in there are:

Fuel for Fire and RX Bars. Their ingredients are natural too, not like other protein bars. Very portable and easy to eat.

Krave Jerky is great with the ingredients too, but makes sure to watch the salt here.

Trader Joes has some great precooked sausages that don't even need to be heated.

Non fat cheese and string cheese, high protein yogurt drinks, cottage cheese, greek yogurt are also great choices.

Hard boiled eggs are a great source of both protein and fat.


Fats are pretty easy to fill, as they are found in most foods.

If you do need additional fats, some straight sources (no other macros) are:

MCT oil

Extra virgin olive oil

Coconut oil

These are called single macro foods, as they only contain 1 macro: fats!

You can easily add MCT oil to coffee, and the other oils to your food!

Other great sources, that also contain other macros, but dominantly fats are:

Nuts and seeds

Salad dressing to go packs

Hard boiled eggs (great source of protein)

Full fat dairy products: cottage cheese, greek yogurt, milk

Nut butters: RX nut butter comes with an extra protein boost!


Carbs are probably the easiest macro to fill. They're available everywhere! But we're looking for quality sources. Remember, it's not just about hitting your macros, quality of the food matters.

Straight up carbs (single macro foods) can be found in:



Dried Fruit

Rice Cakes

Whole grain crackers


Most other carbs have some type of protein/ fat in there, but dominantly carbs:


Whole wheat breads

Whole wheat pita/ wraps

Oatmeal to go cups

The key is planning ahead of time, however, I know that is not always possible. These on the go options are pretty easy to buy just about anywhere!

If you do travel a lot, or you're. always on the go, it's a good idea to invest in a good quality insulated lunch box.

King Kong Apparel has a great one for multiple meals!

Yeti has a really good insulated lunch bag.

Honestly, if you go on Amazon and search "insulated lunch bag," you'll find plenty of options that will fit your budget.

Always remember to pack plenty of water and stay hydrated! It's very easy to overlook this when on the go.

Stay prepared and plan to succeed!

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